MGT Connect

Connect your business. Send and receive invoices, orders and many more!

User guide

Simplicity and performance

Lightning fast, stable, easy to use.

Cloud based

Access your documents whenever you need them, wherever you go.

Open minded

Designed with flexibility in mind, allowing us to build custom features based on client needs.

E-invoices, orders and more

MGT Connect provides its clients with an easy way to create, integrate and archive e-invoices, match purchase orders and process e-documents and transactions.


Enabling customers to segment their user profiles and restrict document access based on business needs.


Allow configuration of custom workflows based on client needs - format check, legal controls, business controls, automated PO and invoice rejection, ERP integration and many more!

# Contact us

If you're interested in our services and would like to learn more about our pricing or features, please contact us at the following address: commercial@mgt-connect.com