# Creating documents

To start creating document, click on the Create document button. The process has 3 steps:

  1. Select settings
  2. Complete the document form
  3. Click on the Validate and send action button

# Document settings

The first step is to select the correct settings.

document settings

# Document type

Select the type of document you want to create. After selecting, the corresponding form will be loaded below

# Pipeline

Selecting the desired pipeline is mandatory. If there is only one pipeline, it will be selected automatically.

# Language

Select the document language from the list of supported languages. This setting applies to the document PDF that will be created.

# Send by email

To send the created document by email, click on the Send document by e-mail checkbox. The recipients input will be displayed. Multiple emails can be added.

# Document form

The second step is to complete the document form. The form contains different fields based on the selected document type.

document form

# Mandatory fields

All mandatory fields are marked with the * symbol.

mandatory fields

# Calculated fields

Some fields are automatically calculated. They are marked with the calculated tip and cannot be edited.

calculated fields

# Contacts section

The contact section is used to choose the document parties. To select a contact, click on the corresponding input. The list can be filtered by typing.

contacts section


Contacts lists are populated with the workspace parties snippets.

# Additional information section

The additional information section is used to add references. An example of such a reference is an agreement or contract related to the document. To add one, click on the Add button. To remove one, click on the delete button ( delete button ).

additional info section

# Lines section

The lines section is used to add document items. To add a line, click on the Add line button. To remove a line, click on the delete button ( delete button ).

lines section

# Sending the document

To send the document for processing, click on the Validate and send action button. If any mandatory fields are missing, the sending will be canceled and they will be highlighted in red. If the form is valid, the document will be sent and the user will be redirected to the Sent files detail screen of the document, where the processing status can be monitored.