# Integration

# Integration files

# Listing integration files

When customers need to integrate document data in their systems ( ERP, Accounting, CRM, etc. ) an integration file is created and sent to the desired system. The page lists all created files and their sending status.

# Table columns

Column Description
Details A link to the integration file details page
Name Name of the integration file
Date Date of creation
Document ( id ) The internal id of the parent document
Integration pipeline Denotes the pipeline for this file
Transmission status Is the file sent or still pending

integration files list

# Filtering

The page has filters, which allow you to quickly find a specific file or group of files.


For example, setting the Transmission status filter to Pending will display only integration files that have yet to be sent.

integration files filters

# Ordering

By default the list is ordered by Date.

# Viewing the integration file details

The page is separated in two tabs:

  • Overview
  • Process details

The integration file details page contains two cards.

# Overview

The overview tab displays basic information for the integration file and two links:

  • To the source document
  • To download the integration file

integration file details

# Process details

The process details tab displays information for each step of the integration file processing.