# Workspaces

# Selecting a workspace

After signing in to MGT Connect, the user must choose a workspace. Based on the configuration, there can be one or more workspaces. Each workspace is represented by a card.

Each card displays:

  • Workspace name
  • The client who owns the workspace
  • The Enter workspace button

Clicking on the Enter workspace button will navigate to the Workspace dashboard

workspace selection

# Workspace dashboard

The workspace dashboard contains two tabs:

  • Statistics
  • Permissions

# Statistics

There are several cards displaying statistics for the last 7 days. Each card has a shortcut for the corresponding page ( ex: Inbox ).

workspace dashboard

# Permissions

A list of the permissions, granted to you, for the current workspace. After you select a workspace, the permissions you are granted determine which pages you can see and what actions you can perform on them.

workspace permissions

# Workspace snippets

The Parties, Bank accounts and Terms and conditions pages are generally referred to as workspace snippets. They contain workspace specific information.

The workspace snippets are used by the document creation forms and allow the users to store information that does not change often, but needs to be entered for each document created.


When creating an order, adding the terms and conditions is a matter of selecting the snippet compared to typing or copying them each time.

# Adding a snippet

Each snippet page contains an action button. Clicking on the button opens the add dialog.

add dialog

# Viewing snippet details

Clicking on the row or on the expand button ( expand button ) will display all entry details.

expanded snippet

# Editing a snippet

To edit a snippet, click on the edit button ( edit button ). The edit dialog will open.

edit dialog

# Deleting a snippet

To delete a snippet, click on the delete button ( delete button ). The delete dialog will open.

delete dialog

# Snippet category

Some workspace snippets, like Parties and Bank accounts, have a mandatory category field. There are three options:

  • My - Choose this option when the information is related to the document sender ( ex: Your company's bank account )
  • Client - Choose this option when the information is related to the document receiver ( ex: Your partner's bank account )
  • Shared - Choose this option when the information is related to both ( ex: When you want to be able to send invoices from company A, but also to company A )

# Snippet acronym

All workspace snippets have a mandatory acronym field. This information is never included in the document, it is used as the snippet name. The acronym is displayed in the name column.